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QVI Points Presents You the World on a Silver Platter!

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QVI Points Presents You the World on a Silver Platter!

QVI Points Presents You the World on a Silver Platter!

Everyone loves a good holiday but not everyone enjoys the planning part though. With QVI Points, the world is truly your oyster. It lets you customise your holiday when you enter the website — choose where and when you want to go, then redeem with pre-paid points, and receive instant confirmations on your reservations. You can choose accommodation at virtually anywhere in the world. However, that brings about a major dilemma. There is so much to see in the world, how does one decide where to go? That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the world and picked top must-visit destinations. Can’t wait to get started? Read on!


Steeped in beauty, history and romanticism, it’s not a surprise that Rome is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. As a testament to how historical this city is, the Metro doesn’t serve the oldest part of the city which is where the Vatican is. The reason being that digging is often stopped soon after it starts because archaeological treasures are discovered under the city. Speaking of the Vatican, it is a must-see for any tourist to Rome. You can also send a postcard through the Vatican Post Service and the lucky recipient will receive a postcard blessed by the Pope himself!

Rome also boasts some of the best food you’ll ever experience, so this is not a destination to miss! Visit QVI Points today!

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If you’re more of a city person, Dubai is the right mix of modern and exotic. It’s a global city full of cultural and historical attractions, and it has become symbolic for its skyscrapers, man-made islands and some of the largest shopping malls in the world.

You have to stay at the world-famous Burj al Arab. It’s one of the tallest buildings in Dubai so you can be sure of an amazing view from the hotel’s Skyview Bar. For dinner, take the simulated submarine ride down to the Al Mahara restaurant, featuring a large seawater aquarium.

Burj Al Arab 3

Equally unique but easier on the pocket is the Hatta Fort, a mountain retreat located near the Hajar Mountain range. If you’d like a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, this spa hotel offers true relaxation. How often would you get to stay in the mountains, right?

Your visit to Dubai is not complete without a visit to the desert for some fun-filled dune bashing!

sand dunes


Clear waters, white sand, bright sun, tropical plants…the Maldives is home to some of the world’s most breath-taking beaches. Interact with the locals and you’ll discover that the Maldives is truly a melting pot of culture, history and character.  A diver’s paradise, you can discover a whole new underwater world as you swim among turtles, dolphins, sharks, manta rays and more. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be in awe of the beauty surrounding you above and below the sea!

You’re probably raring to go. Just login to the QVI Points website and start planning! Everything’s at your fingertips!

Stay tuned for more exciting must-visit destinations with QVI Points!

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