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Adiva Divine Audrey Earrings

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Adiva Divine Audrey Earrings


Adorn yourself in glamour and drape yourself in the divine with this gorgeous range of costume jewellery. Adiva Divine brings a glistening statement of individuality to highlight absolutely any outfit with ease and flair.

Whether work or play, Adiva Divine costume jewellery offers the perfect accompaniment to glam up your dressing style and dazzle admirers with a sophisticated look that exudes effortless beauty and charm. Only the best quality is found in the Adiva Divine range, including genuine Swarovski crystals to ensure ultimate glamour and the utmost highest quality.

Each of Adiva Divine’s collection and piece presents its own unique attitude to fashion that enhances the wearer’s personality and personal style.

Audrey Earrings

A mesmerising shade of Montana sapphire set on twirls of platinum curves evokes the glamorous beauties that once graced the red carpet of Hollywood.

*Earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets in Adiva Divine Sets may also be purchased individually.

Content Platinium plated
Stone Blue Montana Swarovski Crystal

Costume jewellery has a long history of being desired by women of all ages, all social classes and all styles. The wearing of faux jewellery is an enduring trend that has long been part of the unique panache of fashionistas and style icons, often elevating them from being merely fashion-conscious, to being the envied trendsetters of their generation. From the roaring 20s to the shining stars of the silver screen throughout the 40s, costume jewellery has long been a part of celebrity life. Over the years, these twinkling trinkets have found their way into the jewellery box of women of most social classes everywhere.

The fashion of costume jewellery dates back hundreds of years, however costume jewellery really begun building its legendary fashion status early in the 20th Century. It was a time when the effects of the industrial revolution were being felt throughout the world. Mass production was now a reality. Carefully created replicas of both ornate and flashy jewellery pieces on a mass scale used quality but inexpensive materials, gems and coloured glass to supply the increasing demand for beautiful, yet affordable, jewellery.

Adorned by millions of stylish women around the world, the affordability and wide variety of styles and colours meant that these collectible pieces could be worn to match a specific outfit, rather than repeated everyday wear. Despite being machine-made on a large scale, such widespread obsession with costume jewellery caught the eye of various designers and artists during this time. Designs as intricate and as unique as any high-priced jewellery became readily available to women of the world.

Costume jewellery needs specific care, just as your other fine jewelleries.

  • Fine jewellery and fashion jewellery should not mix whether you are wearing them, cleaning them, or storing them. Therefore, never keep your real gold and costume jewellery together. Always store separately.
  • To avoid your costume jewellery from tarnishing or becoming rusty or pitted due to moisture, quickly keep them in plastic bags. Wrap loosely inside the bags and store in boxes, drawers, or plastic containers.
  • Always use big containers to keep jewels, do not jumble them with smaller ones.
  • While cleaning your costume jewellery, do not immerse it in water or any cleaning solution. Doing so will cause a change in the colour of the stones. It also dissolves the material used to set the stones. Instead, use a damp, soft cloth to wipe the jewellery.
  • Never apply perfumes, deodorants, oils, body lotions or hairspray while wearing the jewellery, as the chemicals will tarnish the plating on the jewellery. Spray the perfume or hairspray first and then wear the jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery when bathing, going to bed, swimming, or when exercising.
  • Do not bend or apply excessive pressure to delicate jewellery. Bracelets or necklaces should be stored in a flat manner with stones turned upward to prevent them from coming loose and to maintain the shape of the jewellery piece.

Price: USD 85

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