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Nutrition Add FibreFit to Your Diet

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Nutrition Add FibreFit to Your Diet


Add FibreFit to Your Diet
FibreFit contains exudates of Gum Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal trees of the Savanna that are about 85% (by weight) soluble fibre. FibreFit provides you the soluble fibre your body needs daily. FibreFit is 100% natural. It is an organic soluble dietary fibre that has no added sugar, artificial sweetener, colours, flavours or any additive.
Besides being high in soluble fibre, FibreFit is high in calcium that helps to support development of strong bones and teeth. FibreFit is made from Gum Acacia, a natural plant source that is rich in prebiotics. Prebiotics are responsible for stimulating growth and activity of beneficial bacteria within the intestinal flora. This is crucial for overall pH balance and maintaining a healthy digestive system.
Is a Bowl of Oatmeal Enough?
It is well known that whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet. Research shows that the special type of soluble fibre, called beta-glucan, which comes from whole grains like oats, oat bran and oatmeal, helps lower elevated blood cholesterol levels and stabilise blood sugar level.
For your health, a new study and accompanying editorial published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, recommends at least three servings of whole grains should be eaten daily. Adding more fibre to your diet by increasing the amount you eat each day does not have to be difficult, or bland tasting. FibreFit can be your best answer by introducing the soluble fibre you need into your diet easily by adding it to the food you already eat. To be sure you receive your recommended daily intake of soluble fibre, you can eat ten bowls of oatmeal… or simply take three sachets of FibreFit.


Key Benefits

Health Benefits of a High-Fibre Diet

  • Helps prevent constipation.
  • Lowers your risk of digestive conditions.
  • Helps lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Helps control blood sugar levels.
  • Assists in weight management.


  • FibreFit dissolves faster in warm liquids and is also soluble in cold water, fresh citrus juices, coffee, and milk.
  • To be sure FibreFit fully dissolves, add 1 or 2 sachets into your drink while stirring briskly.
  • FibreFit is tasteless, odourless and does not thicken. FibreFit can be easily introduced into a variety of foods, without any texture or taste modification in the finished product. Simply sprinkle FibreFit on your meal to increase your fibre intake.
  • FibreFit is highly heat resistant, which makes it suitable for pastry, confectionary, etc. It is also resistant to yeast fermentation, therefore it is able to be used for baking breads, cakes, etc. It keeps its nutritional properties intact during the process and throughout its shelf life.
  • To retain the integrity of this product, store in a cool dry place and see side of pack for expiry date.
Arabic Azeri English
Spanish Persian French
Indonesian (Bahasa) Portuguese (Brazil) Russian
Chinese (Traditional)

Soluble vs Insoluble Fibre

There are two types of dietary fibre that are important for good health.

  • Soluble fibre. This type of fibre dissolves in water to form a gel-like material. There is some evidence that soluble fibre may lessen heart disease risks by reducing the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. You can find a percentage of soluble fibre in whole oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley and psyllium.
  • Insoluble fibre. This type of fibre promotes the movement of material through your digestive system and increases stool bulk, so it can be of benefit to those who struggle with constipation or irregular stools. Whole-wheat flour, wheat bran, nuts and many vegetables are good sources of insoluble fibre.

Dietary Fibre an Essential Part of a Healthy Diet

Eat more fibre. You have probably heard it before. But do you know why fibre is so good for your health?

Dietary fibre comes from the portion of plants that is not digested by enzymes in the intestinal tract. The soluble part of it, however, may be metabolised by bacteria in the lower gut. Dietary fibre, found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, is essential for good digestive health and also has a number of other known health benefits such as lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

How much fibre do you need? Through extensive research, scientists have determined that an average person should consume approximately 25-38 grams of fibre per day (or 10-13 grams per 1000 calories), of which at least 5-10 grams should be soluble fibre. In the world of overly processed and overly packaged food, chances are that you are not getting the amount of fibre you need in your diet. Most people are receiving only half the recommended daily intake of fibre and this could be an important contributing cause for many diseases and problems with obesity.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, eating fibre is important for proper bowel function and can reduce symptoms of chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, and other digestive disorders such as diverticulosis. There is even some evidence to suggest that a high-fibre diet can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, such as colon cancer.

The benefits of a diet high in fibre are plentiful. In order to keep your digestive system running smoothly, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent life-threatening illnesses, eating a diet high in fibre is the sensible thing to do.

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The Best From The World’s Largest Olive Leaf Grove – Olé!

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The Best From The World’s Largest Olive Leaf Grove – Olé!

The Best From The World’s Largest Olive Leaf Grove – Olé!

Do you know what makes Olé Olive Leaf Extract special and different from other dietary supplements in the market?

The answer lies in the extensive care given to every single step in the production of Olé Olive Leaf Extract. We dedicate our heart and soul into each delicate procedure, especially with its branch-to-bottle process to ensure that you only get the best and highest quality product.

Selected from the world’s best source of olive leaf in Australia, the leaves are freshly picked during sunrise and then immediately processed and bottled. This means that there is no storage, drying, or damage to the leaves. We use only fresh-picked, alive olive leaves that makes the potency of the extract higher in strength and more readily bioavailable than artificially adjusted olive leaf extract powders or dry leaves.

Consuming Olé Olive Leaf Extract 3 times a day can help support your immune system. Visit your eStore to grab your Olé bottle and embrace a healthy life today!


Your Natural Bodyguard
Without a sufficiently performing immune system, your body is vulnerable to any sickness, disease or illness that comes its way. But while your immune system is busy protecting your body, what is protecting your immune system?
Olive leaf extract is widely considered the ultimate natural defender of your immune system, containing 400% greater antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C, and up to 40 times more polyphenolics than extra-virgin olive oil.
With its high content of antioxidants and polyphenolic capacity, olive leaf extract is a powerful combatant against free radicals.
Despite the promise and usefulness of olive leaf extract, it should not be considered a ‘miracle cure’. As with other dietary supplements, the extract is most effective as part of a balanced diet and when complemented by sufficient exercise. With these basic considerations addressed, olive leaf extract has been found to play a very beneficial role in achieving a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.

The Source of Goodness
The use of olive leaf extract is steeped in history, with affirmative scientific tests dating back to the 19th Century. From initial studies that isolated a class of chemical compound called phenols, to the flood of investigative research that this original testing engendered, olive leaf extract today remains one of the most exciting and unique herbal discoveries.

The extract from olive leaves contains various trace elements that are vital to good health, including Vitamin C, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, betacarotene, and a wide range of important amino acids. Olive leaf extract is also a rich source of antioxidants. Traditionally, olive leaf extract has been used to treat fevers, cold and flus, common coughs and asthma

Key Benefits

  • Supports your immune system.
  • Minimises free radical damage to your body’s cells caused by pollutants, prolonged exposure to the sun, poor diet, and substances such as alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Assists the maintenance of good health year round with daily doses.
  • Lessens the damage caused by oxidation, which occurs whenever we breathe in oxygen.


Adult: 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 2 to 3 times a day with meals
Child: 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) 2 to 3 times a day with meals

  • Pour Olé onto a teaspoon and consume straight from the bottle for quick and easy consumption.
  • Mix one teaspoon of Olé with your fruit juice or other beverage; mix only half a teaspoon for children.
  • Add a teaspoon of Olé directly to your food; add only half a teaspoon for children.
  • Drink plenty of water in between your doses of Olé.
  • Store below 30ºC to ensure the integrity of Olé.

Getting the Most Out of Olives

While olive products are known for high concentrations of antioxidants and phenolic compounds, not all olive products contain the same concentration level. Of all olive products, only olive oil that is labelled as extra-virgin (acidity <1%) and olive leaf extract are considered superior sources of phenols. When comparing olive oil and olive leaf extract, it is the leaf extract that contains considerably higher concentrations of phenolic compounds – up to 40 times greater. According to one test conducted by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries’ Agricultural Institute, olive leaf extract was found to contain 6360-8190 mg/L of phenol levels, compared to 200-800 mg/L in extra-virgin olive oil. As well as higher phenol levels, olive leaf extract also has the advantage of providing higher antioxidant levels without the high fat content of extra-virgin olive oil.

Total Polyphenol Content

The synergistic effect of the full range of polyphenolic antioxidants (not just oleuropein) provides increased cell protection, increased antimicrobial effect and greater cardiovascular protection.

Antioxidants and the Fight Against Free Radicals
Just by breathing we can do damage to our bodies. This is because when we inhale oxygen, our body’s cells use that oxygen to produce energy, which produces free radicals as a natural by-product. Free radicals are molecules that have lost one of their electrons, therefore rendering them unbalanced and highly reactive. These free radicals then cause damage to our bodies, called oxidative damage. On top of this, poor diet, excessive exposure to the sun, pollution, and substances such as alcohol and cigarettes also create free radicals that further damage cells.

Antioxidants prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body and also repair cell damage. This is because antioxidants act as ‘free-radical scavengers’ to fight these cell-damaging free radicals. Many health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, infections, hypertension, cancer, immune system dysfunction, etc are contributed to by oxidative damage. Antioxidants can also help prevent the signs of aging by reducing cell degradation and by assisting in the prevention of a number of degenerative diseases.

Olive leaf extract is a significant source of antioxidants, and is scientifically proven to contain five times greater antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C and has almost double the power of Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract, which are both well known as popular sources of antioxidants. Further, fruits that are generally associated with being high in antioxidants, such as cranberry and raspberry, contain only a minute fraction of antioxidant power when compared to fresh-picked olive leaf extracts.

Ole - Supplements

Ole Comparison Fruits

Polyphenolic Antioxidants and Flavonoids
Olive leaf extract contains a broad spectrum of polyphenolic antioxidants, which have very strong free radical-fighting properties. The main phenol in olive leaf extract, oleuropein, has been found to strengthen the immune system, and research shows it has a positive hypotensive effect in vivo (in body) and displays strong antioxidant activity. Combined with the many phenols in olive leaf extract are flavonoids, the most active being the antioxidant-strong rutin, catechin and luteolin.

When combined, as occurs naturally in the olive leaf, the many phenols, flavonoids and the high oleuropein content show a naturally synergistic behaviour. It is this natural synergy that makes the extract from olive leaves so powerful. When the leaves that are used to create the extract are freshly picked, the potency of the extract is considerably higher in strength and is more readily bio-available than dry leaf or reconstituted powder.

Among the many phenols found in fresh-picked olive leaf extract is hydroxytyrosol, which is a catechol derivative of oleuropein. Both oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol are powerful antimicrobial agents against a variety of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Hydroxytyrosol in particular is known for its wide spectrum of antimicrobial effects.

Why ‘pick’ Olé olive leaf extract?
Whether it is the fresh-picked origin of the leaf, the history of expertise pertinent to the growers of Olé olive trees, or the branch-to-bottle processing… the reasons for choosing Olé are as wide as the benefits you derive from making that choice.

  • International genetic bank: The olive trees used to create Olé are scientifically selected based on DNA identification and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) selection. The growers of Olé’s fresh olive leaves tested 60 different olive varieties from 12 countries to identify the variety that is most perfectly suited to fresh leaf extract production.
  • Halal Certified: Olé is processed, prepared and packaged in a Halal-Certified Facility.
  • Selected from the world’s best… Grown in Australia: Egypt, Morocco, Chile, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia, Argentina, USA and Tunisia.

    Ole map

  • Branch-to-bottle processing: Olé leaves are freshly picked during a sunrise harvest and then immediately processed and bottled, meaning there is no storage, drying, or damage of leaves.
  • Using only fresh-picked, alive olive leaves: When the leaves that are used to create olive leaf extract are freshly picked, the potency of the extract is considerably higher in strength and is more readily bioavailable than olive leaf extracts reconstituted from artificially adjusted olive leaf extract powders or from dry leaves.
  • The world’s largest olive leaf grove: 550,000 Olea europaea trees grown solely for fresh leaf.
  • Natural properties maintained: The branch-to-bottle processing of Olé also means the natural properties of the olive leaf are protected and maintained, resulting in fresh, alive leaves that retain their full range of polyphenolics in a synergistic effect.
  • Critical processes combined to ensure the highest quality and potency: The olive trees grown to produce Olé are only farmed naturally on virgin land using vermiculture (worm-created) fertilisers and pristine irrigation water.
  • Up to 40 times more polyphenols than extra-virgin olive oil: The use of fresh olive leaves means a synergistic effect that retain the full range of polyphenolic antioxidants (not just oleuropein).
  • Over 500% more TAC than the leading fruit juices: The Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) of Olé is 500% greater than the leading antioxidant ‘super juice’.

    Ole comparison graph

  • Pure and natural ingredients: Olé contains no artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives, alcohol, sugar, lactose, starch, yeast, gluten, or animal products.
  • 100% Australian grown: The Australian climate, prime agricultural soils, and geographical location make the country one of the world leaders in the cultivation of fresh produce.
  • Quality control recognition: Recognition, listing and/or certification by a number of governing bodies, including:
    – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
    – Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)
    – WHO Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices of Herbal Medicines (GACP)
    – Halal-Certified Facility by Gold Coast
    – Halal Certification Services

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QVI Points Presents You the World on a Silver Platter!

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QVI Points Presents You the World on a Silver Platter!

QVI Points Presents You the World on a Silver Platter!

Everyone loves a good holiday but not everyone enjoys the planning part though. With QVI Points, the world is truly your oyster. It lets you customise your holiday when you enter the website — choose where and when you want to go, then redeem with pre-paid points, and receive instant confirmations on your reservations. You can choose accommodation at virtually anywhere in the world. However, that brings about a major dilemma. There is so much to see in the world, how does one decide where to go? That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the world and picked top must-visit destinations. Can’t wait to get started? Read on!


Steeped in beauty, history and romanticism, it’s not a surprise that Rome is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. As a testament to how historical this city is, the Metro doesn’t serve the oldest part of the city which is where the Vatican is. The reason being that digging is often stopped soon after it starts because archaeological treasures are discovered under the city. Speaking of the Vatican, it is a must-see for any tourist to Rome. You can also send a postcard through the Vatican Post Service and the lucky recipient will receive a postcard blessed by the Pope himself!

Rome also boasts some of the best food you’ll ever experience, so this is not a destination to miss! Visit QVI Points today!

My beautiful picture


If you’re more of a city person, Dubai is the right mix of modern and exotic. It’s a global city full of cultural and historical attractions, and it has become symbolic for its skyscrapers, man-made islands and some of the largest shopping malls in the world.

You have to stay at the world-famous Burj al Arab. It’s one of the tallest buildings in Dubai so you can be sure of an amazing view from the hotel’s Skyview Bar. For dinner, take the simulated submarine ride down to the Al Mahara restaurant, featuring a large seawater aquarium.

Burj Al Arab 3

Equally unique but easier on the pocket is the Hatta Fort, a mountain retreat located near the Hajar Mountain range. If you’d like a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, this spa hotel offers true relaxation. How often would you get to stay in the mountains, right?

Your visit to Dubai is not complete without a visit to the desert for some fun-filled dune bashing!

sand dunes


Clear waters, white sand, bright sun, tropical plants…the Maldives is home to some of the world’s most breath-taking beaches. Interact with the locals and you’ll discover that the Maldives is truly a melting pot of culture, history and character.  A diver’s paradise, you can discover a whole new underwater world as you swim among turtles, dolphins, sharks, manta rays and more. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be in awe of the beauty surrounding you above and below the sea!

You’re probably raring to go. Just login to the QVI Points website and start planning! Everything’s at your fingertips!

Stay tuned for more exciting must-visit destinations with QVI Points!

Simply Inviting, Maldives

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PRANA BEACH VILLAS Koh Samui, Thailand

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PRANA BEACH VILLAS Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand

Prana Resorts & Spa offers a unique opportunity to experience total rejuvenation amidst a refreshing combination of stunning nature, beautiful Thai-inspired accommodation and wholesome vegetarian cuisine.


Surrounded by turquoise waters and panoramic views of the sea; spending lazy days by the pool overlooking the beach; seeking shady spots under frangipani trees in which to read and relax; and having attentive staff to see to all your needs – all these make a stay at Prana the perfect tropical getaway.


Unit Size: Hotel Unit
Maximum Occupancy: Up to 2 persons


Unit Amenities
• Air-conditioning
• Hairdryer
• Mini bar
• Safe
Resort Facilities
• Amala Restaurant
• Cocktail bar
• Internet access
• Security
• Swimming pool
• Laundry Service
• Tour Desk


Area Facilities
• Beach
• Restaurants
• Crocodile Farm
• Elephant Rides
• Samui Golf Club
• Shopping

Local Attraction


• Big Buddha 2.5km
• Samui Golf Club – 3.5km
• Samui Monkey Theatre – 3km
• Samui Shooting – 4km
• Crocodile Farm – 4km
• Beach activities – walking distance


Other Useful Information
Address: 16/8, 16/13-26 Moo 4, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, 84320 Thailand

Tel: +66 7724 6362 Fax: +66 7724 6369


flight Nearest Airport: 

Samui International Airport – 5km

Check-in: 4pm
Check-out: 10am

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Go On Holiday with Q-breaks Sawadee Samui… At a Special Price!

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Go On Holiday with Q-breaks Sawadee Samui… At a Special Price!

Go On Holiday with Q-breaks Sawadee Samui… At a Special Price!

Getting tired of your busy working life in the city? Perhaps taking a break to a sweet escape destination can help! Why not take this chance to go on holiday with Q-breaks because we are now offering special deals on our popular Sawadee Samui packages* – from now until Tuesday, 2 April 2013, 23:59 HKST only!


Indulge in this Samui getaway at our very own Home Resort, overlooking beautiful Bangrak Beach with its famous stunning sunsets. Relax and unwind in the tranquil atmosphere and let the staff pamper you throughout your stay.

Pick the duration that best suits your style between Q-breaks 4D/3N Sawadee Samui or Q-breaks 13D/12N Sawadee Samui.

It’s time to pack your stuff and get ready for your dream getaway!

Visit your eStore now for more details!

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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Bangkok, Thailand

At the hub of Bangkok, just off one of the city’s longest and most historic thoroughfares, Sukhumvit Road, lies Adelphi Suites with the Nana BTS SkyTrain Station literally at its doorstep. This serviced apartment is also within easy reach of the best in business, dining, shopping and entertainment spots in the area. Adelphi Suites combines a residence-like atmosphere with the usual warm Thai hospitality, making it a fitting choice for long or short stays.

Unit Size: Superior Studio
Maximum Occupancy: 2 Adults + 1 Child (child to share bed with parents)


Unit Amenities

• 32″ LCD flat screen TV • Choice of 1 King or 2 Twin beds
• DVD player
• High-speed Internet
• Digital cordless IDD telephone
• Individual thermostat control
• Refrigerator
• Microwave oven
• Electric hot pot
• Electric stove and cooker hood
• Tea and coffee making facilities / Mini Bar
• Cutlery and crockery
• Cooking utensils, pots and pans on request
• Bathrobe and slippers
• Bath, hand and face towels
• Shower cubicle with rain shower
• Hair dryer
• Basic toiletries
• Toilet hose

Resort Facilities

• 24-hour reception, maintenance and security services
• Monsoon Café, Restaurant and Cocktail Bar
• Room service
• Outdoor swimming pool
• Fitness centre
• Wi-Fi access in the lobby
• Internet stations
• Non-smoking rooms (on Request)
• Daily housekeeping services
• Laundry and dry cleaning services
• Airport transfers (chargeable)
• CCTV surveillance system, smoke Detectors and sprinklers
• Restricted elevator access to rooms


• Chatuchak Weekend Market – 13.2 km • Lumphini National Boxing Stadium – 3.5 km
• Yaowarat (China Town) – 7.0 km
• Grand Palace – 8.2 km
• Robinson Department Store – 1.2 km
• Terminal 21 Market Street – 1.4 km
• Suan Lum Night Bazaar – 3.1 km
• Suvarnnabhumi International Airport – 32 km

Other Useful Information
Address: Nana Skytrain Station 6, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: +66 2 617 5100 Fax: +66 2 653 4192

Nearest Airport: 
Suvarnabhumi International Airport (32 km / 30 minutes away)
Check-in: 2pm
Check-out: 12pm

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QVI Club Platinum Vacation Club Membership + Member’s Brochure & Resort Director

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QVI Club Platinum Vacation Club Membership + Member’s Brochure & Resort Director

Be it a vacation in the tropics or a winter holiday in the Alps, QVI Club can take you there without hassle. Achieve your dream vacation with QVI’s Platinum Vacation Club Membership and enjoy the benefits of a fantastic holiday. This membership allows you to enjoy a one-week vacation annually at any of QVI affiliated resorts with your family and friends.

The Platinum Vacation Club Membership entitlement includes:

  • 30-year membership
  • One week’s vacation annually (i.e. 30 weeks/210 nights in total)
  • Access to:

o   QVI Club Home Resorts (;

o   QVI Club Limited Collection Resorts (;

o   XchangeWorld Associated Resorts (

  • Occupancy for two to four persons only


Other benefits include:

  •  The ability to transfer ownership to children, grandchildren and loved ones
  • The option to share or gift your vacation membership to family, friends and associates by simply acquiring a USD50 Guest Certificate
  • The option to split your one week vacation of 7 nights into 4 nights and 3 nights stays in different resorts at participating resorts with split week option. List of participating resorts can be found in



  • Usage Fee is:

o   a yearly fee payable by the member for the maintenance and repair of  QVI Home Resorts

o   payable within the year of entitlement

o   to be paid before making a reservation or depositing the weeks entitlement

  • Xchange Fee is:

o   a fee payable in order to utilise the facilities provided by XchangeWorld on a full week basis

o   to be paid before making a reservation with XchangeWorld

  • Split week Xchange Fee is

o   a fee payable in order to utilise the facilities provided by XchangeWorld on a split week (3 or 4 nights’) basis

o   to be paid before making a reservation with XchangeWorld for participating resorts under the split week option only


Usage Fee Payment Schedule:

  • USD200 payable for one week’s entitlement annually
  •  Membership purchase before 30th September, the first week of entitlement starts on the current year
  • Membership purchase after 1st October, the first week of entitlement starts on the following year
  • Weeks of entitlement must be deposited before 31 December of the current year to avoid forfeiture
  •  If the member does not intend to utilise his entitlements for that year, or does not intend to bank in the weeks’ entitlement, he does not need to pay the usage fees, however the weeks entitlements will be forfeited at the end of December of the current year if Usage Fee payment is not collected
  • All weeks’ entitlements which are deposited will be valid for 2 years from the membership annual reoccurring purchase date


Terms & Conditions:

  •  No consolidation of vacation weeks till the last year of the membership
  • Usage fee of USD200 on a per-week-per unit-per-year basis applies
  • Xchange Fees are applicable for XchangeWorld bookings as follows:

o   USD118 for a full week exchange basis

o   USD78 for a split week exchange basis

  • All Usage and Xchange Fees are subject to change and may be revised without prior notice at the discretion of QVI Club
  • QVI Club Rules apply

Prana Resort & Spa, Koh Samui, Thailand

I can say, hand on heart, that Prana is really amazing as a honeymoon resort! It was our first time there. Magnificent views greeted us the moment we walked into the resort’s reception area. It felt just like stepping into a poster! The colour of the water was incredible, with all shades of blues and greens surrounding the island. It was heaven on earth.

This is a great boutique resort, with beautiful surrounding islands sitting on emerald waters, and sun rays glinting off them. Any Garden View room would be great as they are all beautifully designed, nestled among tropical greenery, with a cozy atmosphere. The well-maintained pool was gorgeous, and we enjoyed the spa, which offers relaxing services at great value!  Overall, it’s a private, tranquil, picturesque and attentive property.

The Amala restaurant is where the resort really shines. Breakfast was incredible! The food was remarkable and the service highly personalised. At night, it was truly magical sitting outside listening to the waves. The staff members of Prana were friendly, always ready with a smile and willing to go the extra mile to help us when needed.

We miss Koh Samui and plan to visit again. We really enjoyed our time at Prana and would readily recommend it to anyone looking for a honeymoon resort, or a relaxing, peaceful and luxurious holiday in Koh Samui.

– Dhanraj Desale & Shruti Desale, United Arab Emirates


Palace of the Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It was a wonderful experience taking my parents and my family to visit Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, where we stayed at The Palace of the Golden Horses. This huge, sprawling hotel with a grand exterior is one of the most palatial properties in the city.

Our room had a view of the lake that separated the Palace of the Golden Horses from the Mines Resort, while my parents’ room faced three beautiful waterfalls with lush green surroundings. They woke up in the mornings to the sounds of lovely sweet chirping birds and the soothing sound of splashing water.

There are special ferry rides that we all enjoyed. My daughter loved the water theme park a lot. The Palace has also got its own golf course, so with all these leisure and entertainment facilities available, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in the ‘palace’ without ever leaving the place!

The hotel even had an Indian restaurant which served delicious meals at a very affordable price.

We all thank QVI Club for offering such a dream vacation for an unbelievably low price without compromising on quality!

– Preeti Parvatker, India


Club Olympus, Tenerife Island, Spain 

It was truly a fantastic and memorable trip for my guests and I at Club Olympus in Garden City. The hotel staff was excellent and assisted us with all our requests. We especially enjoyed our time at the nearby Aqua Park and Loro Park where they had the most amazing water sports facilities and water theme park.

We would like to thank QVI Club for helping us put together this dream holiday. This was made possible by the Customer Service Ambassador who was always available to assist us whenever we needed help. We had problems deciding on our preferred dates and destinations and even had last minute changes in check-in names. However, she was very patient and professional throughout all these. She even called us several times to follow up on our holiday plans despite the time difference between London and Singapore.

Most importantly, this has made me trust QVI Club completely. Even my friends are interested in becoming QVI Club members after seeing the beautiful pictures and videos taken during my trip. I hope my photos and testimonial will convince you to be a member too!

– Nader Sharafi, UK


What are split weeks?

Split weeks are popular with members who prefer shorter holidays as this gives the consumer the option to split the use into two separate visits to a resort; such as a three-night stay and a four-night stay at different times of the year. A weekend split week is from Saturday to Tuesday (3-night stay) and a weekday split week is from Tuesday to Saturday (4-night stay). Reservations are usually granted on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability. For resorts offering split weeks, please refer to

What are the differences between Vacation Club Membership & Q-breaks Packages?

QVI Club Membership is also known as Full Membership. Currently, there is a choice of Diamond, Platinum and Gold membership within the QVI Vacation Club. These are valid for 30 years. For Diamond, the member is entitled to two weeks every year; Platinum is one week per year and as for Gold, it is one week every two years. There is also the Silver membership, which is valid for 10 years with six weeks vacation to be utilised every alternate year, and the Bronze membership, valid for 5 years and with three weeks vacation for every alternate year.

Q-breaks Packages are mostly one-time vacation packages, with new ones being created and offered from time to time.

What are QVI Home Resorts? Where are the QVI Home Resorts located?

QVI Home Resorts are apartments, hotels or resorts that QVI owns and or possesses the right to use.

What is the Usage Fee?

The Usage Fee is a yearly fee payable by the member for the maintenance / repairs of QVI Club Home Resorts. The Usage Fee is payable within the year of entitlement, and to be paid before making a reservation, or to bank in (or deposit) the week for 2 more years.


To utilise the holiday week for the year or to save it for 2 more years, the Usage Fee is payable by 31 December. If the Member is not using his/her week for that year and not saving the week for future use, the Member does not need to pay the Usage Fee. As such, the week for that particular year is not entitled to the Member and will be forfeited.

For Diamond memberships, the Usage Fee is charged per entitlement (two weeks) per unit per year, even if you only choose to utilise one week and forfeit the other, and is subject to change from time to time.
When do I pay the Usage Fee? How can I carry over my holiday week? 

If the member does not utilise the holiday week/s for the year, but wishes to bank in the week/s for future use, the Usage Fee is payable by 31 December of that year, so as not to forfeit the week/s. However, if the member does not intend to use his/her week/s for that year, or does not intend to bank in the week/s, the member does not need to pay the Usage Fee.  The entitlement week/s for that particular year will then be forfeited.

The extension of the validity of the banked in week starts from the date of purchase of the membership, and not from the date when the week is banked in. The activation date is the date from which you can start using your week to make a holiday booking.

Example: If the membership is purchased on 22 April 2011, the first year of the holiday entitlement starts from 22 April 2011, and is valid until 31 December 2011. If no Usage Fee is paid during that time, the holiday entitlement is considered unused or unbanked, and will be forfeited after 31 Dec 2011 if the Usage Fee is not paid by then.

The holiday week for 2011 is considered activated only when the Usage Fee is paid, but the validity period will be 2 years from the purchase date, and not the activation date. For example, if you purchase a membership on 22 April 2011, but only pay the Usage Fee on 12 Dec 2011, then the 2-year validity starts from 22 April 2011 and lasts till 21 April 2013.

Usage Fee is charged per week per unit per year and subject to change from time to time.

Can QVI Club apply for Visas on our behalf?

QVI Club cannot assist in applying for travel visas; members will have to approach the relevant embassies or consulates themselves to obtain necessary visas and documents. Please note that travel arrangements and relevant expenses such as visas, flights, ground transportation, etc, shall be the member’s responsibility, and that room availability cannot be guaranteed at any desired time.

How do I make a booking at Home Resorts?

To expedite a booking, the following information needs to be submitted by phone, fax or email to QVI’s Customer Care:

  • Choice of Resort (3 choices)
  • Preferred travel dates
  • Payment Details (if applicable)

Whenever possible, recommend a phone communication for speed and efficiency. Simply contact our Customer Experience Ambassadors at +603 7949 8288.

How many days in advance can I make my bookings?

At least 45 days prior to travel date. We encourage our members to book even earlier if possible to higher chance of securing their preferred travel dates.
What is Cancellation Policy?

Vacation Club Memberships

For QVI Club Home Resort booking:

Member may cancel a confirmed reservation and request for another use period by giving notice to QVI at least 31 days before check-in date.

If cancellation takes place less than 30 days or less prior check-in date, a cancellation fee of not less than USD50 will be applicable.

Full forfeiture of the entitlement week applies to cancellations made 7 days or less prior to the check-in date.
For XchangeWorld Resort booking:

For cancellation 60 days and above prior to check-in date, USD39 will be deducted from Xchange fee and your week will be saved for future use up to the expiry date of usage week entitlement.

For cancellation 59 days to 30 days prior to check-in date, USD49 will be deducted from Xchange fee and week will be saved for future use up to the expiry date of usage week entitlement.

For cancellations done within 29 days till the date of check-in, Xchange fee and week deposited will be forfeited.

I understand that the accommodation is for 2 to 4 persons. May I know the unit configuration?

All bookings or units are subject to availability depending on the resort. Most properties offer units that can accommodate up to 2 persons. The most common unit configurations are:

  • Hotel Unit – The maximum occupancy is for 2 persons, with privacy for 2 persons
  • Studio Unit –  The maximum occupancy is for 2 persons, with privacy for 2 persons
  • 1-Bedroom Unit – The maximum occupancy is for 4 persons, with privacy for 2 persons

I understand that I need a Guest Certificate if I am personally not going for the holiday or if my family or friends are using my package without me. How much is the Guest Certificate Fee? How do I pay?

Currently, the Guest Certificate Fee is USD50. You need to pay the Guest Certificate Fee upon the booking request. Credit card or e-card payment is accepted.
Can I bring guests along?

Guests are allowed so long as the provided number does not exceed the resort’s maximum limit per unit.
Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed.

How can I transfer my club membership rights to someone else?

Members must get the written consent of QVI Club to transfer their membership rights. A fee of USD75.00 each is payable by the transferer and the transferee for the transfer, for a total payment of USD150.00. Upon the registration of such a transfer, the transferee shall receive a new QVI Club Membership Kit, comprising a QVI ID card and details of the membership purchased. The transferee shall be bound by the Agreement and the Rules stated therein upon the registration of such transfer. Notwithstanding QVI Club’s consent to a transfer, QVI Club will not register any transfer of the membership rights until all outstanding payments due to QVI Club are settled by the transferring member.

Members’ Fee Guide

Usage Fee USD 200 All Home Resort, Limited Collection, XchangeWorld and Exclusive Boutique Collection bookings (for 1 week or 7 nights’ stay)
Xchange Fee USD 118 XchangeWorld bookings (for 1 week or 7 nights’ stay)
Split Week Xchange Fee USD 78 XchangeWorld split week* bookings (for 3 or 4 nights’ stay)
Exclusive Boutique Collection Premium Xchange Fee Starting from USD 129 Exclusive Boutique Collection bookings (for a 4 day / 3 night stay)
Guest Certificate Fee USD 50 To share your membership benefits with family and friends

*Valid at selected resorts only.

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