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Mobile App Maker

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Mobile App Maker

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The App Dev Empire: Android! Don’t Miss The Gold Rush

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The App Dev Empire: Android! Don’t Miss The Gold Rush


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According to Forbes, Over the past quarter, of the mobile devices sold, 64.1% are powered by Google’s Android™ and only 18.8% are operated by Apple’s iOS. 

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Even Facebook Office is switching to Androids. Are you left behind?
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InOcean is a mineral complex designed to ensure the body’s daily mineral needs are met. 100 % natural

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InOcean is a mineral complex designed to ensure the body’s daily mineral needs are met. 100 % natural



InOcean is a mineral complex designed to ensure the body’s daily mineral needs are met. 100 % natural and made from concentrated sea water, InOcean contains contains 96 macro and trace minerals, derived by natural processes from the ocean. Available in a water soluble form, just 1 teaspoon of InOcean diluted in your drinking water or any beverages can keep your mineral levels balanced, and your body protected.

Why are minerals important?

Minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium are important because they create a healthy environment inside the body, in which vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats we consume can effectively work to grow, function and heal cells. For example, minerals can help neutralize excess acids in blood as result of a high acid diet (includes meat, dairy, eggs, wheat and refined and chemically preserved food), and because the body’s existing minerals are also being used for this process, often there aren’t enough minerals available for other process, which is why mineral complexes such as InOcean are vital.

Why InOcean

  • InOcean contains the highest number of minerals and trace elements (96) and is available in ionic form, which is easily absorb by our body.
  • InOcean changes water in our body to an alkaline base immediately, which helps maintain pH levels.
  • InOcean is a great source of magnesium, which is a vital mineral to act as a catalyst in breaking down fats and proteins; metabolizing sugar; regulating heart rhythm; supporting a healthy immune system; building strong bones; and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.
  • InOcean strengthens and enhances the immune system and general well-being.
  • InOcean is the only mineral complex to provide minerals from the ocean, which are ionic and easily absorbed by the body

Key Benefits

InOcean changes water to alkaline base immediately.That is why it helps to maintain the pH level in the body as product benefit.

The Mineral Complex InOcean is known to:

  • Fight signs of ageing
  • Balance the PH level of the body by changing water to alkaline base immediately
  • Enhance immune system
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Improve brain activity


The recommended amount of InOcean for adults is 15 to 20 drops daily and for children is 5 to 10 drops daily. Simply dilute InOcean with water or beverage any normally. Remember to dilute each drop with approximately 50ml of liquid. You can have it all at one go or split the recommended daily dose into multiple intakes throughout the day.

Disclaimer:This supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  Please consult your health care practitioner for advice before using this supplement or if you have any chronic discomfort or illness


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Assistant statistics Rdbers.kom staff prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

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Assistant statistics Rdbers.kom staff prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

The following are excerpts one:

Subway train in New York City holds 1,200 people. This blog show about 5,600 times in 2014 if it were a subway train in New York City, it would take to carry such a large number of people, about 5 trips.

Click here to see the full reportإضغط هنا لترى التقرير الكامل

(Physio Radiance Visage+ + (Free Physio Radiance Visage+ Gel

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(Physio Radiance Visage+ + (Free Physio Radiance Visage+ Gel

Physio Radiance Visage+The Evolution of Beauty



Physio Radiance Visage+ is a revolutionary facial treatment device that is specifically designed to help you look younger and more radiant. Physio RadianceVisage+ redefines the meaning of anti-ageing by combining three leading facial treatment technologies in one portable device.  Using the device 2-3 times a week together with the complete PhysioRadiance set, will give you optimal results.

Physio Radiance Visage+ effectively helps:

  • Delay the signs of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lighten age spots.
  • Enhance skin hydration levels.
  • Improve skin texture.
  • Tone facial muscles.


Physio Radiance Visage+ is one of the very first facial treatment devices that utilises and combines three revolutionary skin treatment technologies; Galvanic technology, Radio Frequency and Chromotherapy.

Galvanic technology

Galvanic technology has been used in the beauty industry for over 50 years. It offers the ultimate facial care treatment designed to improve the condition of the skin in two ways: first through a cleansing process called facial desincrustation and second through a moisturising process called iontophoresis.

Galvanic Technology works by introducing small, harmless and constant currents to the skin. Negative galvanic currents in the desincrustation process help remove toxins and impurities held within your pores resulting in a completely cleansed skin. Positive galvanic currents in the iontophoresis process encourage better penetration of nutrients into the underlying layers of the skin resulting in better moisturised skin.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) is considered one of the most effective non-surgical procedures available today in the beauty industry. Radio Frequency facelift technology is approved by the FDA as a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and skin imperfection.

RF works by using radio waves to penetrate the outer skin layers to deliver heat energy into the facial muscles and the underlying tissues. The radio waves help stimulate collagen production and tissue contraction resulting in a tighter, brighter skin and reduced wrinkles.


Chromotherapy or light therapy is one of the latest developments for facial treatments. Chromotherapy works using three coloured LED lights; red, yellow and blue, at specific wavelengths.

These LED lights help promote the natural production of collagen and elastin in your skin, making it firmer, smoother and more radiant while, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

Red Light:
Red Light helps stimulate and activate skin cells and promotes blood circulation. It enhances anti-ageing effects such as the renewal of cells, collagen and elastin to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Yellow Light:
Yellow light helps reduce the appearance of redness and swelling of the skin. It also rejuvenates by assisting with the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Blue Light:
Blue Light is used to reduce the effects of bacteria manifestation on the skin. Specific wavelengths of the blue light targets the strain of bacteria that plays an important role in causing acne.

How does a Radio Frequency Facial work?

Radio Frequency technology works through radio wave currents that penetrate deep into the dermis (deepest layer of the skin) and internal layers of the skin, stimulating the tightening of the underlying tissues from which fine lines, wrinkles, and bad skin texture originate as part of the natural ageing process.

Does the procedure hurt?

User experience may vary due to different levels of pain tolerance in individuals. The radio wave currents together with the LED light therapy projects heat onto the skin and may cause minimal discomfort.

Some parts of my face and neck turned red after use, is this normal?

Due to radio wave currents and heat, users may experience mild redness. This should go away in 1-2 hours. If redness persists please consult your physician immediately.

How long does the effects/results last?

Results vary from user to user. They can last up to 24 months or more based on the user’s natural ageing process.

How many times a week should I use this device?

For best results, use 7 – 14 times a week.

How long is each session?

A full session takes twelve (12) minutes while each individual session takes three (3) minutes each.

Who can use this device?

This device is best for those in their mid-20s and 30s-50s. Users in their 60s and above may require more frequent procedures.

What kind of skin type is best suited for the device?

The device can be used with all skin types.

What kind of skin care should I use with the device?
The device can be used with any skin care products that contain water-based ingredients. For best and optimal results, we recommend you to use the device with Physio Radiance skin care products.


Physio Radiance Replenish Visage+ Gel


For Clearer and More Refined Skin

The Physio Radiance Replenish Visage+ Gel is designed to be the perfect companion for the Physio Radiance Visage+. Used together with the device, the Gel deeply cleanses the skin and purifies facial pores by removing excess traces of toxins and oil held within the deep layers of the skin. It also helps increase blood circulation while rejuvenating and tightening facial tissue.

Physio Radiance Replenish Visage+ Gel contains a safe and natural synergy of chamomile flower extract and burdock root extracts, both widely used by many high-end skin care and beauty products.

Chamomile flower is naturally known for its antioxidant properties. It contains high levels of organic compounds called Azulene oil. The oil has anti-inflammatory effects and helps restore and rehydrate the skin. It also acts as an acne cleanser and treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.

Burdock root has antibacterial properties and helps regulate and control the production of a protein called sebum. Sebum is naturally produced by our body to keep the skin healthy by producing oil to lubricate and protect the skin from drying out. However, too much sebum can have negative effects as it can clog the pores and cause bacteria to grow, resulting in acne and blackheads. Burdock root also has soothing properties and helps to alleviate skin irritation, leaving you with healthier skin.

-Deep cleanse the skin.

-Alleviate oily and congested skin conditions.

-Refine skin texture.

-Increase blood circulation.

-Rejuvenate and tighten the skin.



Bril Cloud + Bril Net – 3-Month

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Bril Cloud + Bril Net – 3-Month


BrilCloud 3-Months

Your Business Within Reach

BrilCloud is your very own online storage on the go. Keep all your important data, music, videos, photos and documents in one place and have the freedom to access your files wherever you go. Utilising a network of online storage where data is securely kept, BrilCloud gives you the ability to store your files without the need to install additional storage space on your electronic devices.

BrilCloud is always there for you – with web-based technology, you can access your files anywhere in the world with Internet connection. Computers, tablets and smartphones with any operating system can access BrilCloud using a web browser or native applications (Android and iOS).1

 [1]Mobile apps subject to availability.



BrilCloud allows you to store any types of file, folder, contacts, documents, photos, music, calendars and more while being able to access them anywhere, anytime from your web browser.


BrilCloud keeps all your files synchronised between your devices. With Version Control function, you can systematically keep track and maintain different versions on the go.


BrilCloud lets you share all your files directly or via email with the people in your contact list. Securely share your data by utilising the password protection function.


BrilCloud makes things easier for you with instant thumbnails of your photos and live streaming of music and videos. You can create a playlist and listen to your music, or watch your video online without the need to download them. With PDF viewer, you can also view and read your documents and ebooks right from your web browser.


With BrilCloud, you can make sure you never accidently lose deleted files. Simply restore the files that were accidentally deleted by selecting them from the Trash Bin and returning them to their rightful place.

  • CALENDARS [Web Browser only]

BrilCloud lets you manage your meetings and deadlines with just a few simple clicks.


Sharing your photos has never been easier. BrilCloud allows you to upload and share your photos and even secure them by setting password protection and an expiry date.

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OBTAINER Forum UAE 2013 Ticket

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OBTAINER Forum UAE 2013 Ticket




USD 269

BV 60

RSP 10

OBTAINER Forum UAE 2013 Ticket

The OBTAINER Global Direct Selling Forum (OGDSF) is THE Direct Selling event of 2013 taking place on 9-10 November 2013 in the scenic Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (Hilton Al Hamra Resort & Spa).

•    Key note speaker: V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah
•    Award Nominee for Networker of the Year: V Partner Sathi Senathirajah
•    Nominee for Product Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility: QNET

OGDSF encapsulates world-class speakers and powerful & motivational trainings.

Come see our very own V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah on stage while he addresses the ‘who is who’ of network marketing.

Cheer on V Partner Sathi Senathirajah who is nominated for the Networker of the Year Award.

And don’t forget to root for QNET who was nominated in the categories of Product Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some of the world renowned key note speakers include:

•    Former Tanzania Prime Minister Hon. Frederick Sumaye – ‘Achievements in MLM’
•    USA leading MLM Attorney Kevin Thomson – ‘Start-up in MLM’
•    CEO of Direct Selling Women’s Alliance Hawaii Nicki Keohohou, USA – ‘Innovations and Innovative Products in Direct Selling’
•    CEO of Diamante Consulting Alberto Conti – ‘Growing Fast in MLM’
•    Ms Chavi Hemanth from the IDSA – ‘The IDSA – Backbone of the Industry’

For over half a decade, OBTAINER has been reporting about network marketing and industry-related success, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The OBTAINER Global Direct Selling Forum will include high-level keynote speeches which will address industry- and success-relevant topics; world-class trainings on success-orientated topics; and the annual OBTAINER WORLDWIDE Direct Selling Awards Ceremony which will recognise outstanding direct selling professionals and organisations in the direct selling industry.

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